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Unió Corporació Alimentària is the continuation of Unió de Cooperatives del Camp de la Província de Tarragona founded in 1942 as the first uniting organization for rural associations in the areas of Tarragona, and constituted with the objective of concentrating the efforts of the different local agricultural cooperatives of the province.

In Reus, on October 26th, 1942, at a grand event held at the emblematic 'modernist' Fortuny theatre, the “Unión de Cooperativas del Campo de la Provincia de Tarragona”, known as UTECO was constituted and promoted by Franco's new regime, in order
to undo the agrarian reforms approved by the Republic in Spain before the civil war.

In 1945 the facilities in Carrer Tívoli in Reus were bought. They were used as the first warehouse and offices.

In 1961 in La Roureda, construction was started on the first wine bottling plant, which was completed in 1963. In the same year, new warehouses were bought for dried fruit and nuts, situated in Raval de Sant Pere, with facilities for classification and selection of the dried fruit and nuts.

In 1963 UTECO disappeared and UNIÓ AGRÀRIA COOPERATIVA was constituted as a second tier Cooperative. Unió started to approach cooperatives and land workers with the aim of improving transformation processes by modernizing them and making them more professional.
In the same year, also in La Roureda, construction started on the feed factory that was opened in September 1966.

In 1965 several purchases of land and poultry farms were made, these were subsequently transferred to 'La Cooperativa Comarcal d’Avicultura' (Regional Poultry Farming Cooperative). Some warehouses were bought in Barcelona with the aim of facilitating distribution in this province.

In 1989 the dried fruit and nuts facilities were transferred from Carrer Tívoli to a new location on the Mas de les Ànimes Industrial Estate.

In 1995 these were equipped with machinery for production.

In 1997 new facilities for the wine and oil bottling plant were opened in Vilallonga del Camp.

In 2002 the facilities in Vilallonga del Camp were expanded, with one part established for the storage of wines and oils in large quantities, another part for the ageing of the wines and a country house for customer service.

In 2008 a merger was completed with Cooperativa FARE, another second tier cooperative, thus expanding the concentration of dried fruit and nuts in the different areas of Tarragona, and incorporating a new fresh fruit section with selection facilities in Vinebre.

In 2009 the entire dried fruit and nuts activity: reception, storage, shell treatment and new transformation and packing lines, was brought together in one place.

In 2009 a process for renovation of the corporate image was started. This included changing the logotype and the registered name of the company, which became UNIÓ CORPORACIÓ ALIMENTÀRIA SCCL.

Today, Unió is a focal point in the production of oil, wine, nuts and fresh fruit in Catalonia. It is also a reference point in the support of the rural world, with committed involvement in the improvement of living conditions of rural workers and in the modernization and professionalization of the Catalan agrarian sector.
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