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Unió concentrates part of the almond and hazelnut production from Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia
and the Balearic Islands.
Preferably indigenous varieties are used from the areas we cover which stand out for their recognized
quality, such as the Llargueta and Marcona varieties in the case of the almond, and the Negreta and
Pauetet varieties in the case of the hazelnut.
The area used for nut production is 31,300 hectares cultivated by 4,750 producer partners, which enables
us to obtain around 15 million kilos of nuts.

Unió markets a large part of the 'arbequina' olive oil production from the areas of Tarragona,
registered under the Siurana Protected Designation of Origin label.
It also markets the Empeltre oil variety cultivated in the areas of Terra Alta and Baix Aragó.
The olive production of our 8,500 producer partners amounts to around 34 million kilos,
which enables us to obtain around 7 million kilos of extra virgin olive oil.

Unió plays an important part in the marketing of wines produced in the different areas of Tarragona.

Unió markets wines protected under the Designation of Origin label:
  • Priorat qualified
  • Montsant
  • Terra Alta
  • Tarragona
  • Catalonia
The average wine production is 188,000 hl., a result of the harvest of 4,388 hectares of vineyards
cultivated by the 2.036 vine-growing partners..

As a result of the merger between Unió and La Cooperativa de Fare, work has started on the
marketing of fresh fruit, produced in the area of Ribera d’Ebre. The marketed volume is 1,000,000 kilos
of fruit, mainly peaches and cherries, which is obtained from the cultivation of 90 hectares, worked by 48
producer partners.
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