Group companies

Grup Unió SCCL

This is the parent entity for the Grup Unió cooperative. It is responsible for strategic direction and provision of services to the rest of the group’s companies.

Unió Nuts SCCL

A cooperative federation dedicated to processing and marketing nuts. Recognised by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment as a Primary Associative Entity (2018).

Unió Origen SCCL

A cooperative federation dedicated to the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil and wine.

Cellers Unió SLU

An entity created for marketing wines, specialising in products from the Priorat Protected Designation of Origin and the Catalunya, Montsant, Tarragona, and Terra Alta Designations of Origin.

Olis de Catalunya SL

An entity focused on marketing extra virgin olive oil, specialised in high-end products from the Siurana, Les Garrigues, and Oli Terra Alta Protected Designations of Origin.

Terra Fruits SCCL

An entity formed to manage the Km.0 (farm to table) by Unió shop, located at C/ Marina 239 in Barcelona.

Unió Divisió Patrimonial SAU

An entity responsible for managing the assets of Grup Unió.

Unió Divisió Agrària SLU

An entity dedicated to operating agricultural farms. One of its primary objectives is to encourage new generations of young people to go into farming, preventing the abandonment of agricultural land.

Unió Fruits SCCL

A first-level cooperative. The goal of Unió Fruits is to concentrate production of olives, grapes, and nuts by performing the initial transformation of these products at its own facilities as a way of optimising resources and increasing profitability for producers.

Unió Gestió SCCL

A cooperative federation. This is an entity dedicated to providing services for the associated cooperatives. It specialises in offering bespoke software to companies in the agricultural sector, along with IT maintenance services, management advising, and insurance brokerage.