A commitment to producers and consumers


At Unió, our activities are always focused on our customers and consumers. Our goal is to offer healthy and natural Mediterranean products that consumers can trust.

All of our products represent essential ingredients in the Mediterranean Diet. For centuries, traditional products like olive oil, wine, almonds, and hazelnuts have been grown and produced in the Mediterranean region. This is why we rely upon local varieties that are best adapted to our local climates and environments, while also promoting products that benefit from the Designation of Origin system.

Quality begins in the fields, but we also make great efforts to preserve it by applying quality controls throughout our entire value chain. Food safety is also guaranteed by our exhaustive monitoring of all production processes, and especially by maintaining full control over traceability for our products, from their origin on a specific parcel farmed by one of our associate producers to the time the product is delivered to our customers.

Our commitment to our products and to our customers has led us to establish a fair price policy to ensure that prices are more stable and speculation is avoided while at the same time ensuring we remaining competitive in the market, all of which helps ensure economic sustainability for our growers.


We believe in innovation as a strategy that sets us apart and allows us to maximise the value of our products, by discovering new functional applications for them and new healthful properties, while also allowing us to make our processes more efficient.

The products we work with every day are natural products, the fruits produced by traditional Mediterranean crops. The research we perform allows us to discover new healthful properties and extract functional ingredients that can make a contribution to better nutrition. Thanks to our research efforts, we have been able to extract antioxidant fibres from the outer peels of nuts, and we have also been able to obtain tannins and sugars with a low glycaemic index from carob pulp.

At Unió we are also working to introduce improvements throughout our entire value chain, including optimisation of crop plants (new varieties and irrigation and cultivation systems), production processes (storage, selection and processing of nuts and fruits), packaging and bottling, and presentation and marketing.

Since 2009, Unió has maintained its own R&D department, and the success achieved with some of our innovation projects has brought us recognition from public and private entities. Currently, Unió also holds four patents.


For over 50 years we have been exporting our products across the globe. Unió now has a presence in more than 30 countries on 4 continents, and our exports currently represent 60% of the group’s turnover.

We are focused on international markets that can contribute to the value of our products. All of this allows us to feel like ambassadors for Mediterranean culture that is valued and appreciated throughout the world.