Unió was founded in the city of Reus in 1942, as the Union of Farming Cooperatives in the Province of Tarragona (Unión de Cooperativas del Campo de la Provincia de Tarragona). It was created with the goal of concentrating the efforts of the various local agricultural cooperatives in the province. That entity continued to evolve over time, and eventually became the Unió Group of today.

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On 26 October 1942, a ceremony is held at the iconic modernist Fortuny de Reus theatre to establish the “Unión de Cooperativas del Campo de la Provincia de Tarragona”, known as UTECO. That entity is promoted by the newly established Franco regime as part of its efforts to overturn the agrarian reforms that had been put in place by the Second Spanish Republic prior to the country’s Civil War.


The facilities on Calle Tívoli in Reus are purchased to be used as the first warehouse and for offices.


Construction begins on the first wine bottling facility in the town of La Roureda near Reus. It is completed in 1963. In that same year, new warehouses are purchased for storing nuts in the town of Raval de Sant Pere and equipment for classification and sorting is installed.


UTECO is transformed into Unió Agrària Cooperativa, a cooperative federation, and it becomes a 100% private entity. This step starts the process of bringing the cooperatives and the growers closer together with the goal of strengthening collaboration between them in order to improve the transformation processes by making them more modern and professional. In that same year, construction begins on the feed production facility in La Roureda, which is inaugurated in September 1966.


Various plots of land and farms are purchased for poultry operations. These are later transferred to the local Aviculture Cooperative. Unió acquires its first warehouses in Barcelona to facilitate distribution of its products in that province.


Unió exports its first wine.


The nut facilities on Calle Tívoli are moved to a new location in the Mas de les Ànimes industrial park. In 1995, new machinery is added to allow for production of processed products.


New wine and oil bottling facilities are inaugurated in Vilallonga del Camp. The facilities are expanded in 2002.



Unió Agrària Cooperativa becomes Unió Corporació Alimentària SCCL. This name change is accompanied by the introduction of a new corporate image.


Unió restructures its business operations. The company Unió Nuts SCCL is created to manage the nut side of the business, and in that same year it is recognised as a Primary Associative Entity by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment. At the same time, Unió Origen SCCL is created, dedicated to the production and marketing of oils and wines. Finally, Grup Unió SCCL is created as the parent entity for the corporate group.