Unió maintains a strong commitment to our local regions and the people who live in them. We believe that development of the primary sector allows a society to achieve growth that is balanced economically, socially, and demographically.

Economic development

Agriculture is probably the economic activity that produces the best distribution of wealth within a region. At Unió, we promote agricultural development so that farming can be seen as an economically sustainable life option, ensuring the future of these activities.

It is essential that new generations become part of the agricultural sector and see it as an attractive way of life. Through our Farm Management project, we give young people the opportunity to work on farms that are at risk of abandonment, while helping them to obtain maximum crop yields through advising and technical monitoring provided by our experts. This project has already recovered more than 500 hectares of cultivated land.

We promote cooperatives as a participatory model for business organisation that emphasises fundamental values like cooperation, joint involvement in decision-making, and teamwork.

We also promote innovation as a means of achieving maximum added value for agricultural products. We are improving cultivation models and transformation processes in order to increase profitability for our associated producers, while at the same time ensuring maximum satisfaction for our customers around the world.

Environmental development

At Unió we have a passion for the land and great respect for it. We believe that a sustainable agricultural model can be one of our greatest allies for preserving the landscape, since it can prevent abandonment of rural areas, keeping their populations intact while also minimising risk of fires and reducing erosion, desertification, and other harmful processes.

We promote responsible agriculture as a way of taking care of our environment and ensuring rational use of resources, especially water. In relation to this, we have carried out studies to reduce our hydrological and carbon footprints while at the same time encouraging energy savings. We have studied a diverse range of planting models in order to achieve maximum crop yields with minimal impact on the environment. Our experts offer ongoing consultation and training for our associates, so we can advance with this model together.

We also help to promote the circular economy. The work we do helps minimise waste produced by our fruit and nut production and transformation processes, while constantly exploring new applications for sub-products that have traditionally been undervalued. In relation to this, and thanks to our R&D department, we have now discovered industrial applications for almond shells as well as functional ingredients derived from the outer peels of nuts and carob pods.

Unió has been nominee for the 5th edition of the European Award for Cooperative Innovation under the category of “Environmental Value Creation’’. This award recognises our labour in 3 main areas: reducing the environmental negative effects of our production and transformation activities, valuing the sub-products of our processes and avoiding the negative effects of abandoned farms, which result in forest fires and erosion.

Social and cultural development

At Unió, our employees represent our first point of contact with our surrounding regions. Unió promotes employment relationships that are fair and stable, based upon professional treatment, trust, and mutual respect.

Our second point of contact with our surroundings is through our relationships with the local communities where we conduct our business activities. We stay involved with these communities by making contributions to support traditional festivals and popular culture, including everything from sack races to local culinary fairs.

We also try to give back some of what our local communities have given to us by working with a variety of charitable organisations in our surrounding areas and participating in regional organisations focused on business and community development.